1. Development of regional partnership

On 24th of March 2011 the Regional Partnership was established. The purpose of partnership was to bring together key stakeholders in Krapina Zagorje County to work together on monitoring, assessing and determining the needs of the labour market, especially for occupations that are insufficient. The Regional Partnership will monitor and evaluate the results of meeting needs and improving the methods of evaluation of the demand (improvement of the Model). Representatives of the Croatian Employment Service, Regional Office Krapina, Krapina-Zagorje County, Zagorje Development Agency, Croatian Chamber of Economy, County chamber Krapina  and Chamber of Trades and Crafts in Krapina Zagorje County signed a Regional Partnership Agreement on 8th of November 2011. Since then, the Regional Partnership operates as a working body - thematic working group - of the Partnership Council for Labour Market of Krapina Zagorje County.

It is planned that the Regional Partnerships includes 10 partner institutions, but the Partnership currently counts 19 members of partner - institutions in Krapina Zagorje County presenting private, public and NGO sectors. Institutions included are:

  1. Croatian Employment Service, Regional Office Krapina;
  2. Krapina Zagorje County,
  3. Zagorje Development Agency Ltd., Krapina
  4. Croatian Chamber of Economy, County chamber Krapina,
  5. Chamber of Trades and Crafts in Krapina Zagorje County,
  6. Network of Association Zagor,
  7. Community college Krapina,
  8. Community college Donja Stubica,
  9. Community college Zabok,
  10. High school Krapina,
  11. Spa Tuhelj Ltd., Tuheljske Toplice,
  12. Trgocentar Ltd., Zabok,
  13. State administration, Krapina Zagorje County office,
  14. TPK Orometal Inc, Oroslavje,
  15. Vetropack Straža glass factory Inc., Hum na Sutli,
  16. Corrugated paper Dunapack Ltd., Zabok,
  17. EDUCA education, teaching, translation, owned by Drita Paj, Krapina,
  18. Presečki group Ltd., Krapina and
  19. Polytechnic Hrvatsko zagorje Krapina.


2. Development of a partnership model for the identification and tracking of deficient occupations in the labor market in Krapina Zagorje County

Croatian Employment Service annually produces estimates of labor market needs and establishes a list of deficient occupations in the local / regional labor market, based on data that are available for CES (required workers by occupation, unemployed persons in CES by occupation, the results of annual surveys of employers - planned layoffs and employment, etc.). There are no clear instructions or clearly defined criteria on how to make these lists and the list is made on the basis of only information available to CES, and not in accordance with all relevant labor market data. It also lacks information about the needs of employers for workers within longer period of time, and information if any employer who is starting or about to start a business in the Krapina Zagorje County and will have needs for human resources. In addition, the lack of cohesion and coordination of joint actions between the key actors in the labor market was noticed and there was no synergy in the work, and no formal cooperation that would strengthen partnerships.

The goal of this activity was a joint collaboration of all stakeholders of the labor market in Krapina Zagorje County and with the help of experts, to create and practice a model of partnership for improving the local market through the assessment and monitoring needs, especially in short term. By the end of the project, 5 workshops with members of the Regional Partnership were implemented. The workshops were conducted by experts from the Institute for International Relations Zagreb: Jakša Puljiz, Krešimir Jurlin and Mario Polić. The model that was developed within the project can be developed further. The basic approach was based on empirical analysis of actual figures to determine that it really is about the occupations in demand. In doing so, experts used the principle of signification, value added, efficiency and sustainability. The basic assumption of the model is that there is a "stock" of unemployed potential candidates. The model is flexible and can be tested and adapted to the needs, modify and apply for the broad purposes.

Model for identification and tracking of deficient occupations in the labor market in Krapina Zagorje County will be used for the following purposes: directing the unemployed to professional training in accordance with the identified occupations that are insufficient; establishing a list of educational programs which should increase the number of enrolled students or students with scholarships and a list of educational programs which should reduce the number of enrolled students or students with scholarships for the next calendar / school year; establishing a list of scarce occupations in the labor market in Krapina Zagorje County for the next school year  - selected occupations will be promoted by joint actions of partners – Chamber of Economy, Chamber of trades and crafts, CES, Krapina Zagorje County and high schools in the county. For those occupations CES Krapina will bear the costs of medical examination of students upon enrollment in the first year of secondary school.


3. Education of inactive, long-term unemployed in accordance with the identified occupations in short supply

Based on the results of the model, which are publicly presented at the Round table in Krapina on 7th of July, 2011, a total of 21 persons from group of long-term unemployed (persons aged 15-65 years of age who are not working, available for work and have been reported on the unemployment register for more than 12 months), a person at risk of poverty and / or social exclusion and inactive (persons aged 15-65 years of age who are not employed or registered unemployed for at least), were sent on training for operators on CNC machines (10 people), butcher's assistant (6 persons) and assistant waiter (5 persons). Training included theoretical and practical part in collaboration with employers.

Theoretical part of the training:

a)  of operators on CNC machines was implemented in High school Oroslavje

b) of waiters / waitresses and manufacturers of traditional meat products at the Community college Donja Stubica.

Practical teaching was implemented:

a) CNC machine operator was performed in:

-       craft ˝Josip Pleško˝ owned by Davor Pleško, Zabok
-       Omco Croatia Ltd., Hum na Sutli
-       Alati Stuhne Ltd., Pregrada
-       craft  Miaz owned by Zdravko Ivančić, Zlatar
-       Nanotec Ltd., Zlatar Bistrica.

b) waiters / waitresses training was implemented in:

-       Restaurant ˝Preša˝ owned by Zdravko Presečki, Krapina,
-       Restaurant ˝Zelenjak˝ owned by Branko Greblički, Kumrovec
-       Hotel Castle Đalski, Zabok,
-       Restaurant ˝Dobro nam došel prijatelj˝ owned by Vlado Vedrina, Marija Bistrica,
-       Restaurant ˝Zagi˝ owned by Stanko Čmarec, Oroslavje.

- c) manufacturers of traditional meat products was carried out in:

-       Butcher's J&Ž owned by Željko Borošak, Klanjec
-       processing of meat and meat products owned by Alan Prežet, Zagreb.

All applicants / candidates have successfully completed education and 10 of them found employment - 3 producers of traditional meat products and 7 operators on CNC machines.


4. Development of internet portal – Partnerships web page –

Within the project, website was developed with the aim of providing all relevant information related to the labor market in Krapina Zagorje County. The information provided on the site is relevant to employees, employers, the unemployed and inactive people and students.The site is an interactive portal of employers and end users. This activity is one of the key project activities and included a variety of promotional activities: round table for presentation of the portal, the portal workshop for administrators, individual interviews and consultations with employers, display systems and pamphlets with instructions on how to use the site. The aim of these promotional activities was to strengthen the awareness of employers and educational institutions about the importance of cooperation and partnership relations and to promote the portal, its advantages and opportunities.
Within this activity five info points in Krapina Zagorje County were installed and equipped with laptops in order to raise accessibility of the portal and its content to: employees,employers, and inactive unemployed persons, students, especially those who do not have internet access.

Locations of info points are:

  1. HZZ, Regional office Krapina, Ksavera Šanora Đalskog 4, Krapina,
  2. HZZ, Branch Donja Stubica, Toplička 10, Donja Stubica,
  3. HZZ, Branch Klanjec, Milčićeva 6, Klanjec,
  4. HZZ, Branch Pregrada, Ljudevita Gaja 17, Pregrada i
  5. HZZ, Branch Zabok, Matije Gupca 81, Zabok.

The project planned that 6 partners will publish information on the portal. Currently 19 partners publish their information on the portal


5. Education of partners and employees of partner institutions

Educational activities of employees of the project partners and associates have contributed to the development and strengthening of partnership.The goal of this activity was to improve the capacity of local stakeholders to resolve problems in the labor market. Representatives of lead partner, associates and other partners have undergone training on teamwork, participating on meetings, presentation and IT skills.

ECDL-Start diploma received 14 people, 17 people completed training˝Teamwork˝, 16 people attended ˝Presentation Skills Training˝and 17 people attended ˝Training on Conducting Meetings˝.


6. Project promotion

Promotion of the project was aimed at informing the public about the goals and activities.

Used promotional tools:

  1. Radio shows – 5 planned, 8 radio announcements implemented (6-Radio Kaj, 2-Radio Hrvatsko zagorje Krapina)
  2. Newspaper articles – 7 planned, 17 newspaper articles published (10-Zagorski list, 4-Večernji list, 2 – Z press i 1 Glas Zagorja),
  3. Web page announcements – 59 announcements (13-Radio Hrvatsko zagorje Krapina, 10-Krapina Zagorje County, Zagorje Development Agency and CES, 7-Croatian chamber of Trades and Crafts in Krapina Zagorje County, 4-Croatian Chamber of Economy, County chamber Krapina, 3-Radio Kaj and Radio Zlatar, 2-Radio Stubica and
  4. Project leaflets - 2000 pieces,
  5. Leaflets on the web page and its possibilities - 3000 pieces,
  6. Posters on locations of info-points- 10 pieces,
  7. roll-up stands -  promotion of web page - 10 pieces,
  8. TV shows - 2 - NET TV,
  9. Radio contact shows – 2 - Radio Kaj.


Project started on 27th of January 2011 and finished on 26th of January 2012.

Hrvatski zavod za zapošljavanje Zagorska razvojna agencija Hrvatski zavod za zapošljavanje, Područni ured Krapina

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